Paisley Perks Reward Program

We are super excited to have launched our new reward program, Paisley Perks.  The new program still allows you to earn 10 perks for every dollar spent with us and we've added several new ways to earn Bonus Perks.  Sharing PGB with friends will earn both you and your friend discounts and you can enter your birthday for a Perks bonus on that special day!!  FYI, to earn a birthday reward this year, be sure to enter this date at least one month before your birthday.

As with any new program, a little help might be appreciated.  We've tried to provide the answers to the most common questions below but please email or call us if you have additional questions we can answer!!

We love our PGB Posse and hope you love our Paisley Perks rewards!!

First thing you need to know is how can you earn points?  Here's the answer: 

   Ways to Earn Paisley Perks    Number of Paisley Perks Earned
Create your PGB Account 200 Perks
Every PGB Purchase 10 Perks for every $1 spent
Celebrate Birthday 500 Perks
Share on Facebook (once per month) 50 Perks
Share on Twitter (once per month) 50 Perks
Refer a Friend 1,000 Perks when Friend Purchases


Now that you've earned Paisley Perks, how do you use them?  There are four different ways to use your Paisley Perks as shown here:

   Ways to Use Paisley Perks       Number of Paisley Perks   
$10 off your PGB Purchase 1,500 Perks
$25 off your PGB Purchase 3,500 Perks
$50 off your PGB Purchase 5,000 Perks


So how do you get started? Open the Paisley Perks Reward program by clicking on the program launch found at the bottom right corner of the home page:

If you have not already done so, create your PGB account and earn 200 Paisley Perks.  Then click back on

This will bring up the Paisley Perks landing page.  Here you can see your Perks balance and how close you are to your next reward.



Click on  to see how you can earn and spend your Perks.

The next pages you can select Redeem or Earn More


Rewards and Perks that available to you will be darker than the lighter colored items you have yet to earn.  To redeem, just click on  and follow the on-screen directions.  To receive a gift from PGB on your birthday, .  To share and earn, click on .

You can also share right from the first window by scrolling down to the Refer a Friend image:

Simply click on  and it will launch the referral page here:

Referral Process:

1) The friend will need to use the unique referral link that you provide to them,  in their browser. This link will then take them to our website.

2) Once on our website,  there will be a pop up at the bottom right corner of the screen for your friend to enter their email.  Once they enter their email (and if this friend is not an existing customer), they will receive a coupon code to use at checkout.

3) Once they purchase and use that discount code (copied and pasted into the box at checkout that says Discount Code), you will then be rewarded with 1000 Paisley Perks!

Want to share on Social Media and earn perks? Simply click on the image for how you want share PGB and it will launch your proper app and then send messages as usual.  To see if your referrals are earning you points, scroll down to see "Your Referral's Status."

If you need additional help with your Paisley Perks, email us at or call us during normal business hours at (682) 222-9010.


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