Paisley Perks Reward Program

Paisley Perks is our Loyalty Reward Program. It is our way of saying “Thank You!”. As you interact with Paisley Grace Boutique through sharing us on your social media, purchasing, and more… you rack up points! For every $1 spent, you earn 10 Paisley Perks. Once you have enough… you are able to redeem them for some FUN stuff! Click the video below and you will see the “How to’s” on all things Paisley Perks! 

Now that you have your account setup and you understand how to work Paisley Perks... let's get to the fun stuff! Here is "HOW TO REDEEM" those perks you worked so hard for!  

Have more questions? Read our FAQ! 

How do I receive my Birthday Reward ?
To earn a Birthday Reward this calendar year, be sure to enter your date at least one month before your birthday. You may do this on your dashboard under “Earn More Paisley Perks.” (See above video)

Can I use Rewards/Perks for Commentsold/Mobile App orders?
No, Commentsold/Mobile App hosts our live sales and is a totally separate system that does not work with the codes provided by our Paisley Perks Program. THE GOOD NEWS is you still earn perks on your Commentsold orders!

I have redeemed for a  perk, (also referred to as a discount code), how many times may I use it?
Paisley Perks rewards are single use discount codes. 

Can I combine my perks (discount code) with a sale discount code?
No, unfortunately our system will only take one code per order.

I selected items totaling more than $60 but after I used my Perks reward [and a discount code], I was charged for shipping.  Is that correct? 
Yes, that is correct.  The shipping charge is based on the cost of the order after all discounts and rewards are applied.  If your total cost after the price reductions is below $60, then the system will add the shipping charge to your order.

If after applying your Perk, the total is less than $60, you will be charged for shipping.  Shipping costs are determined after all discounts and rewards are applied.  

I have TWO discount codes, can I use at the same time?
Only one discount can be used per purchase per day.  Offers may not be combined with any other discount or promotion.

Can I use multiple rewards in one day?
No, only one reward can be used per day. 

May I use my Gift Card with a Discount Code?
Yes! These are entered in the same spot. BUT… to get this to work, you must FIRST enter the discount code and then enter your Gift Card number. It must be done in that order, or it will not work.

May I receive Paisley Perks for purchasing a Gift Card?
Unfortunately, we do not offer Paisley Perks for this type of purchase. BUT, We award the Paisley Perks at the time the gift card is used:)

I just signed up for Perks but have past orders - Can I get those perks?
Unfortunately the system doesn't have the ability to add those perks retroactively.  If you'll email and let us know, we're happy to go back and add the last 30 days of orders in perks.  

I accidentally redeemed my Paisley Perks, but did not/forgot to use it! What now?
No worries! You’ll always have that reward available to you! You may use in in the future at your convenience. You may find all your rewards you have redeemed for on your dashboard under MY REWARDS.


If you need additional help with your Paisley Perks, email us at or call us during normal business hours at (682) 222-9010.